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released April 15, 2016

2016 CI Records

Written & Performed by Joe Lengson
Engineered by William Greene at Light & Co. Studios in Los Angeles, CA.
Engineered by Jon Gross at Black Market Recording Studio in Calabasas, CA.
Drums & Mixed by Stephen Keech at Dirty Denim Studios in Nashville, TN.
Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI Mastering in Seattle, WA.



all rights reserved


thewoodsmansbabe Los Angeles, California

BABELAND, the sophomore album by THE WOODSMAN'S BABE, DROPS APRIL 15 2016.

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Track Name: Confused
So soft and smooth
We slept in my room
And the sunlight shined
Upon our eyes
Your lips on mine
You left me stunned
I thought we’d always be
I thought that you also loved me
I rushed our love
I ran my fingers through red hair
Every single night, when we laid there
I loved being with you every time
Except when we walked away, both crying
Just after the goodbye
Was when I realized
That I have lost my mind
In such laconic time
Ego and Vanity
Received the best of me
Incredibly confused
Can’t help but still love you

Your french braided hair
your cat scratched knees
Track Name: Anxiety
They have a lot of cold beer,
I guess I’ll throw some back.

I can’t wait too long,
I need to do some wrong.

Because you know how I get,
Drunk with a guitar.

Before the night is through,
I need some time with you.

I feel tired & unclean.
After nights like these.

I have doubt and anxiety
When I try to believe in me

Now three sheets to the wind,
And where the hell have you been?

I’ve been talking to your dumb friends,
And I’ve reached wits end.

Don’t say you’re sorry,
I have a hard time believing you.

But go ahead and try me,
I’m still praying that there’s hope for me.

‘Cause I’ve learned, to just let those things be,
When they fall apart for me.

And I’ve learned, that all these things just end.
They just break, and they don’t bend.

I feel tired & unclean.
After nights like these.

I have doubt and anxiety
When I try to believe

Now I’m home, but I’m no longer here
Solitude, I’ve grown fear.
Track Name: Love Story
They say that if you slow down your breathing, time slows down
So I want to choke you out so you are always around
Did I ever tell you that you had left me tongue tied
It was right after the time you told me that this is goodbye

Don’t leave me here. with no understandings
I still call before my take offs and after landings
Your love, it seemed so real, but apparently it was fake
I tried to grasp it tight, didn’t know that it would break

Everyone out here is so damn boring
But you were something else, like out of a love story

On New Years you told me you like the taste of Whiskey Peat
We had drinks downtown with your dad on Grand and 7th Street.
Now I’m drunk off whiskey and malt liquor, everything’s going black
I don’t want to die like our love, just like Kerouac.

I look back now and see it was just all pretend
but I don’t care I just really want to see you again

May we jump start our love and keep it working
So you will never leave here for Albuquerque
Track Name: C Arthur
I saw your smiling face on
my cell phone, my heavy heart sank just like a stone

Now I want to go home
Maybe I’m just getting old
My loves gone cold

This year I’ve really grown
I learned things, that I’ve never known.
From being on my own.

Lately when I sleep alone
I feel you. I feel your skin. I know.

Baby, I’ve come to terms I failed you
I’ve come to terms that you, don’t want me back.
Track Name: Les Mis Songs
Those cats on your bed
Are your favorite things about your life,
that you had said.
But you said I was too,
But I still haven’t heard from you.

Your red wine slur
your memoir class stories
your work day summaries
Are things I won’t hear again

Those Les Mis Songs
Stuck in your head
Like there was nothing wrong
You know it wasn’t true
Something had bothered you.

It’s not easier
Me being here without you
You don’t love me this way
I can tell by those words you don’t say

When you had left, searching for something,
It’s because you lost something when you gave your heart to me.

Your small red car
I still see sometimes, just when it’s parked
and when I drive by
it kills me on the inside

So blissfully
you seemed in your soliloquy
Those things I tried to bring
People never notice anything

When you left, searching for something,
It’s because you lost something when you gave your heart to me.
Don’t feel ashamed
Your feelings had just changed

I don’t forgive you,
well not yet because,
I can’t let go.
I’m going to hold on to hope that you come back to me
Track Name: The City
you smoked yourself stupid again
you were diagnosed with schizophrenia

and you lost your way
and lost your shoes
and you lost your way

the devil made his way to your heart
when you felt that low
he told you to go for a ride
so you got in his car and drove off

you loved god so much that you didn’t know how to live a life
in the city of angels you surrounded yourself with demons
so you smoked yourself silly again
and were convicted of being a felon

you robbed yourself of security, druggie.
now there is no more hope for you, junkie.
please know that I’m sorry
how do you live with yourself knowing
that everyone around you doesn’t like you anymore?

and I don’t blame them.

you may go get high
and I won’t tell them
Track Name: Fretful
You left me, so casually
Over coffee, on Friday morning
I walked across Sunset Blvd. To my car
I conjectured who you are.
and also who I am, I’m not the same man.
that I promised to be, and that I’m in sympathy.

Maybe I’m just sleepy
I never finished that coffee.
I’m staying up all night thinking,
and I need caffeine eventually.

Our time is over
It is now time to sleep, you showed me love, so thank you very much.

Were you bending the truth, for better suiting you?
Showing pains unseen, the morning of halloween.
Were you fretful to walk into the room?
To bare bad news, which I could not presume.

Maybe I’m just sleepy
From all of this over sleeping.
I keep dreaming this same old nightmare.
That I’ll run into you everywhere.
Track Name: Laura
Laura, find your way back in here
Your face that, floats down with misty fear
Those eyes, how familiar they seem
Laura, now you are just a dream

I swear I, went back for you

Laura, the only kiss to you
That was you, honest and true
Softly, down the hall you sing
You’ll always, sing in our sweetest dreams

I swear I, went back for you

It's so funny how life changes so drastically.
Track Name: Goodbye Elizabeth
I guess, I guess this is loneliness.
For six months, I considered death.
and my friends didn’t even call.
But I tried, my best, I tried in vain.

I found, found out you cheated me.
You squeezed my hand, asked me to stay.
But I ran, I ran behind my house.
But I still, love you so much still anyway.

My life is now haunted with ghosts that look like you.
Due to love that you withdrew.

What a mess, a mess that we’ve made of us.
I ever, ever thought we would last.
But now, now you’re just a photo frame.
A photo that, that always will bring dark pain.

My life is now haunted with ghosts that look like you.
Because the love that you withdrew.
Why can’t, why can’t I escape
From red and Silver Lake, and be okay for heavens sake?

Why did you go, with those other people?
It’s been so long, since the day I drank champagne.
You said, you said, you said that you loved me.
As it turns out, you just wanted to be free.

You were heaven to me, my Bovarie, but go and be free.
You are lovable, you’re wonderful, you’re colorful, you’re beautiful.